Power Concept Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
A broad range of static uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is offered by ADC, ranged from floor standing UPS to rack mounted modular hot swappable N+1 UPS. The Power Concept UPS systems fulfill the highest quality of IEC standard, and emphasizes on the high level of power availability.

Different categories of Power Concept UPS are available for different applications such as PC, network server, data centre, industrial and other facilities.
Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply
The dynamic/rotary UPS systems, using a kinetic energy accumulator, are widely recognised as an advanced reliable solution for the power protection of critical loads and applications. The power output of single dynamic UPS modules generally higher than that of static UPS systems, making them the only viable alternative for the protection of important critical loads (semiconductor industry or runway lighting in airports for example).

By its simple concept and clever design, the advanced NO BREAK dynamic UPS system demonstrated its superiority when compared to its competitors.
Power Concept Generator Set.
Generator set use ABB alternator and CUMMINS, PERKINS, MTU, VOLVO PENTA diesel engine which rate from 10kw to 2500kw.
Lightning and Surge Protection System
The ADC Power Concept personnel have combined experience in providing direct lightning strike area protection, surge and transient protection and earthing solutions. Their extensive experience has involved system design, installation and commissioning in key industry group such as:
  • telecommunications and broadcasting
  • petrochemical, oil & gas
  • high rise buildings
  • industrial facilities of all kinds
  • defense – communications, surveillance
  • power generation and distribution
  • rail/transport systems

ADC Power Concept offers a comprehensive range of products and services as part of its complete solution to lightning problems. These products cover direct strike protection, surge and transient protection and earthing solutions:
  • range of lightning air terminals and accessories
  • surge and transient protection products for powerlines, data, communications and signal lines
  • range of exothermic welding products
  • earth rods and accessories including earth enhancing compounds.
Power Concept Rectifier Charger/DC UPS
  • With sinusoidal input current (PFC).
  • Hot swappable module with front side connectors.
  • Temperature compensation of charge voltage without external controller possible.
  • 3 different charge lines adjustable.
  • Digital displays for measuring values and adjustment parameters.
  • Forced fan cooling, fan from outside exchangeable.
  • High reliability and short MTBR.
  • CAN bus interface for external controlling and communication.
Power Concept Harmonics Filter
ADC Power Concept offers the true harmonics solution, Powerconcept Active Harmonic Filter (AHF). It is a solid state power converter that brings about the following advantages to improve power quality:
  • Eliminating all harmonic currents from non-linear loads
  • Compensate reactive power factor of lagging loads
  • Act as a virtual damping resistor to prevent possible harmonic resonance

With its unique design, Powerconcept AHF produces insertion losses of less than 3% and at full compensation, offering significant cost savings in energy. For example, the maximum heat-losses of Powerconcept AHF 100A/380V is less than 2kW.

Powerconcept AHF employs IGBT PWM converter switching at 20kHz high frequency using advanced control techniques. It responds instantaneously to the dynamic variation produced by harmonic loads.
Power Concept Static Transfer Switch
ADC Power Concept offers one of the highest reliable static transfer switch in industry, featuring:
  • Industry’s smallest physical size for rating
  • Fixed maintenance bypass and hot pluggable STS power module
  • Large overload and fault capacity
  • High reliability, robust design with redundant detection circuitry
  • Optional single operation CAM operated maintenance bypass switch
  • Shortest Break-Before-Make zero current transfer between sources
  • Complies with all relevant Australian Standards and Codes
  • Single phase 1 or 2 pole and 3-phase 3 or 4 Pole
  • SCRs with large overload capability
  • Modular, separate modules for controls and SCRs
  • Graphic back lit LCD and control panel
  • 100 event real time non-volatile event and utilization history
  • Single ‘Transfer’ push button and simplified display control hierarchy
  • Dual set-points for Manual and Auto Mode from User Control Panel
  • Digital high speed DSP sampling
Power Concept Voltage Stabilizer
ADC has developed a state of art POWER CONCEPT Electronic Control Voltage Stabilizer base on polarise cascaded transformer technology and microprocessor control, which shall meet and exceed the industry standard and expectation. All of the latest design features and unique solution has been customized by ADC including the options of wide input voltage range, incoming power surge filter, remote monitoring and K-13 fully isolation galvanized isolation output transformer as Power Line Conditioner.

POWER CONCEPT Electronic Control Voltage Stabilizer has been designed to power and operate in some of the toughest condition on earth. Number of double winding step-down transformers are arranged in a cascade manner depending on the required output regulation with their primary windings connected in series with the power line between the mains AC source and output AC load. The output AC load voltage will be monitored and controlled by an advanced microprocessor located at secondary winding with full galvanized isolation and protection. Each transformer can be commanded to feed a specific amount of subtracting or adding voltage in to the power line via its secondary winding to decrease or increase the output voltage respectively. All polarizing operation is carried out on the primary side of the transformer without interrupting the secondary winding that continuous part of the power line circuit. The amount of current flowing into the primary winding of the transformer shall not be more than 3% of the total load current to avoid high component stress. No moving or servo electro mechanical parts will be used due to slow correction time, low reliability and high maintenance cost in long run. All the major components have been designed to last for minimum 10 years and above service lifespan.
Frequency Converter
ADC Power Concept 400Hz Converters are manufactured with the state of the art, PWM and IGBT technology, producing microprocessor controlled pure sinewave output to critical loads.

The converter systems supply and protect large sized networks, communication systems, scientific computer systems, intelligent engineering measuring devices and industrial automation systems:
  • True double-conversion and PWM technology
  • Inverter stage output Galvanic isolation transformer included
  • Up to 90% efficiency
  • Pure sinewave output
  • LCD panel providing accurate detailed information about the Load, Bat­teries and Converter with advanced diagnostics.
  • 3 Microprocessors:
    - Main control board
    - Rectifier board
    - Optional parallel control board
  • Real time clock and calendar indicator
  • 64 Recorded real-time events history
  • RS232 and dry contacts for communicati on and remote monitoring
  • Input/output customization available
  • Compatible with international standards
  • 1 year full warranty
  • Warranty of 10 years for spare parts supply
  • Experienced technical service and customer support
  • Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification
Different type of sealed lead acid maintenance free battery, open vented lead acid battery, Nickel Cadmium Battery etc
Power Concept Precision Air Conditioner
The ADC Powerconcept Precision Air Conditioners (PAC) have been specifically designed and manufactured for close control air conditioning where the handling almost exclusively sensible heat loads is a fundamental requirement. The typical applications are computer rooms, digital telephone exchanges, switch rooms, weather stations, medical laboratories, CAT and MR scanners, as well as any other application where a sensible heat load must be dissipated without modifying the relative humidity.

The ADC Powerconcept PAC series, which can be either upflow or downflow, offers a large range of accessories and variations in design, allowing for maximum flexibility in the use of the units. The overall noise level of the units is maintained at a low level by the use of “scroll” compressors, size of the fans used and the face area of the coils.

The ADC Powerconcept PAC features EC fan (electronically commutated), which meaning consumes as little as 1/3 energy of the industrial standard fan. The EC fan offers easy, quiet, efficient speed control, hence maintains high torque at start & over a broad speed range
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