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ADC is uniquely qualified to provide businesses with critical system infrastructure solutions including assessing requirements, product selection and configuration guidance, engineering services, installation services, and maintenance services throughout implementation
We offer the following advantages:
  • On-site, post-sales support including start-up service, preventative maintenance service, and unscheduled and/or emergency response service.
  • In-house product selection guidance to ensure you select the most appropriate product(s) for the application.
  • In-house engineering to ensure the equipment can be supported by the facilities services and integrated with the coexisting infrastructure.
Engineering Services
Laboratory Evaluation
Laboratory Evaluation full range of industrial PCB cards

Spec :

Fabricate, duplicate PLD, EEPROM, RAM programming chips, repairs, IC’s diagnosis, revamping & services
Electronic Lab equipment's
ABI Link digital Diagnose, HUNTRON analogue Diagnose, Motor Test Pro analyzer, Hi-LO ALL-11 EPROM Universal programmer, Gang programmer, Xytronic soldering, 200MHZ ScopeMeters, Kyoritsu DC/AC current analyzer and Pulse Generator.
Professional Approach Industrial Field Services
Spec :
Old drives & Used Ups refurbishment or upgrade, fault diagnosis trouble shooting, system analysis & amendment proposals to resolve all kinds of defective industrial problems.
Supplying Full range of electronic semiconductor parts
Spec :
LoPak IGBT Modules, Rectifier Diode, Fast recover Diode, PCTs, IGCTs, SCRs, BCTs, GTOs and Triacs

Capacitor: Power film, SMT, Electrolytic, Ceramic.
Fuses: HRC, GL, am, UR, F series
Preventive Maintenance for industrial equipment's
Spec :
Plant shutdown services, Type test system performances, System fine turning or re-calibration, Out-souring with track data records, Battery discharge test & cell volts equalization.
Power plants, sectional Steel mills, Metal industrial, Semiconductor process plants, fibreboard industrial, paper mills, Cement plants and petrochemical industry.
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